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New Sources Added to the Garage Sale Maps

Garage Sale Finder is proud to announce we're now including online listings from 12 major online newspaper sites:

  1. MASS Live (Western Massachusetts)

  2. Lehigh Valley Live (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania)

  3. Syracuse (Syracuse NY)

  4. Cleveland.com (North-eastern Ohio)

  5. NJ.com (New Jersey)

  6. MLive (Michigan)

  7. NOLA.com (New Orleans)

  8. AL.com (Alabama, pretty much the whole state, except the gulf coast)

  9. Sillive (Staten Island, NY)

  10. GulfLive (Jackson, MS, GulfCoast, AL & FL)

  11. PennLive (Central Pennsylvania)

  12. OregonLive (Oregon)

About half of these are in areas that have a long winter, but the southern states should be picking up soon. Let me know if these are useful to you, or if there are other online sources you'd like to see mapped.