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Writing an Effective Garage Sale Ad

I'm no expert, but I don't think these folks are gonna get their $20 worth out of this ad in our local paper:
virginia beach Moving sale, furniture, freezer, bedroom sets, tvs, desks, computers, lots of items, everything must go!!

I don't know if they placed the ad online, in person, or on the phone... but unless their signs are really good, the fact that there's no address makes me think nobody will find it (or bother to look!).


Rule #1 - Include your location

At least a street, ideally an address. For most folks, the name of the subdivision (unless it's a neighborhood-wide sale) isn't enough. Some subdivisions may have dozens of streets and hundreds of houses. Don't count on folks knowing that your neighborhood is small. Or even where your neighborhood is.

Today is Thursday, the ad came out today... but does the sale start today? If you'd included your address I might show up and you might not be ready.

Rule #2 - Include the date and time of your sale

Saturday, Sat, 5/28, 5-28 are all acceptable. "This weekend" isn't clear enough. Times are important too! Garage sale shoppers get out early. If your sale starts at 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m., we might want to go there before the sales that start at 8:00 a.m. Ideally, include a time when the sale ends. If you're packing up at noon, as a shopper I'd prefer to know that, so I don't waste gas driving there at 1pm, only to find out you're done. Oh, and it's common courtesy to stay open for the times you'd advertised.

Rule #3 - There isn't one

Ads are simple. It's nice to know the types of stuff for sale, but the most important info is just where and when the sale is going to be held. Other helpful stuff to know is if the sale is being held by multiple families (multi-family), or being held by a group, or if it's part of a neighborhood-wide sale. Not mandatory, but helpful. I don't really care when your rain date is, I'm not going to mark my calendar for it.