• 4650 sales this week!  

Over 1 million sales listed

Gosh, I feel like McDonald's... we hit our millionth listing today, and I'm just tickled. Our analytics show fairly consistent growth again this year, as more people share links to the site. As of this writing, we've had 1,002,142 listings since we took the site nation-wide.

While the bulk of our listings come from other sources, the number of individuals listing their own sales is growing exponentially as well.

Obviously, I rarely make posts here, but I'd love to hear back from folks who use the site. What would you change? What frustrates you? What do you love? Being a single-person webmaster with a programmer in another state, Garage Sale Finder has become what *I* want it to be... but I'm sure it could be so much more. Just post a comment or send me an email.