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Garage Sale Permits No Longer Required in Chesapeake, VA

chesapeake garage sale permitsCHESAPEAKE - During their December 13, 2011, meeting, the City Council voted to amend City Code Sections 58-27 through 58-29 and eliminate the requirement that residents obtain a permit before holding a garage sale. This action also eliminated the $5.00 permit fee, which had been in place since the ordinance was originally adopted in 1975. The changes become effective January 1, 2012.

Chesapeake Commissioner of the Revenue, Ray A. Conner, brought the request to amend the ordinance forward to City Council as a way to enhance the efficiency of City operations and to provide greater convenience for residents.

"In 2010, my office issued 2,621 garage sale permits, totaling $13,105 in revenue," said Conner. "While I am well aware of the current fiscal realities, it certainly seems that the staff time used for such a small intake can be better prioritized elsewhere in the Commissioner's office. This, along with a desire to make things simpler for our citizens, drove my decision to seek this change."

While the permit and fee requirements have been rescinded, other facets of the ordinance remain unchanged. These include restrictions on the number of sales per calendar year (two total per address) and the duration of a single sale (not more than three consecutive days).

Residents with questions about garage sales may contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office at 382-6738.