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Garage Sale Permits

In south-side Hampton Roads, the cities of Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth, require residents to apply and pay for a garage sale before having a sale. Each of these cities has their own regulations regarding garage sales or yard sales, including restrictions on the number of days you may hold your sale and where you are allowed to post signs. Norfolk and Chesapeake have easy to find information on their cites, as well as printable PDF applications. Portsmouth, while it has a listing for garage sale permits and a phone number to call, doesn't have any information about the requirements or costs.
  • Chesapeake Garage Sales
    • $5
    • PDF Form available online
  • Norfolk Garage Sales
    • $5
    • PDF Form available online
  • Portsmouth Garage Sales
    • Permits required, but there is no information on their site except a phone number that nobody seems to answer at the Commissioner of Revenue office (757) 393-8771
  • Virginia Beach Garage Sales
    • No permit required
    • Up to 2 sales per year, no more than 3 days long
      (info via the online 311 help desk, since it's not on the site, but apparently *is* in the municipal code)
  • Suffolk Garage Sales
    • No information on the city web site