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Garage Sale with only Shutters, seems like a misleading ad

In my latest quest to find out how the garage sale search engine "market" works, I've been searching for posts on blogs about garage sales. It's been an interesting adventure. I'm finding things like GARAGE SALE —— Bonita | Bonita, CA, which was nothing more than an RSS feed from craiglist. Granted, RSS feeds have their place in data aggregation, but it wasn't even a real garage sale listing, it looked like perhaps a thrift store got hold of a bunch of shutters, couldn't really tell, just that the only thing they had was shutters in various sizes. Hmmph!

Like craigslist, we have issues with unscrupulous listings occasionally making it onto the site. The biggest non-garage-sale ones we have are consignment stores posting 'sales' for weeks at a time. I haven't yet had a chance to write a script to strip these out of the listings.