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National Garage Sale Day 2010

I've had this on my calendar for a while...

National Garage Sale Day!

Annually, National Garage Sale Day is the second Saturday in August. That means this year it's August 14th.

If you've never tried shopping at garage sales (or yard sales, or rummage sales, or tag sales... depending on your region), give it a try this year. While it takes some experience to spot a good deal, at the very least you can enjoy the eclectic mix of items for sale and chat with the folks holding the sales.

Second-hand shopping is becoming more popular, not only because of the down economy, but folks like to copy the Hollywood hot shots, and many of today's young, hip stars are sporting vintage finds from second-hand sources.

Part of the fun of shopping at garage sales, whether it's National Garage Sale Day or not, is the bartering or haggling. Where else do you get to dicker over the price? There's an art to it, so if you're new to bartering, check out Garage Sale Etiquette: Useful Phrases When Haggling.

Or maybe you'll find an incredible treasure such as the man who paid $45 for a box of old glass photo negatives only to find out they were the lost work of Ansel Adams and are valued at an estimated $200 million.

If you're not in the mood to shop, take the opportunity to hold your own sale and make a little cash with all the junk you no longer need. Old toys, old books, old movies (both VHS and DVD), appliances, clothing, furniture and more are all good candidates for making a little cash. Make it a family affair and do a little late spring cleaning. What doesn't sell can be donated to charity. (Be sure to take a photo and get a receipt.)

Check out these articles for some ideas about pricing items for sale at your garage sale, or how to make great signs for your garage sale. Of course, advertising is key, which is why GarageSaleFinder.com is such a great idea. Use it in conjunction with your signs and perhaps a newspaper ad for maximum traffic.

Here's one last article: Top 25 tips for having a great garage sale

So mark your calendar: August 14th - National Garage Sale Day