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Using a GPS device to find garage sales

How to download garage sales to your GPS device

To download a CSV or KML file for garage sales near you, look for the buttons on the listings panel and the route planning panel. Using the button on the route planning panel will only export those sales you've added to your route. If you export the data from the listings panel, you'll get all the sales that came up in your results.

Garmin POI Loader: you will need to download this software from Garmin to use the kml file. Garmin has versions of this software for both Windows and Mac platforms

Magellan Content Manager software will allow you to customize your route as well as upload POI (point of interest) data, like ours, to your device before leaving home. You can download this software at the Magellan website. Magellan only offers software for Windows users. I've found it's better to re-name my KML file before adding it to my device, with the file name starting with a number, so it jumps to the top of the list in the POI categories. Some Magellan devices let you build a route on the device then optimize it for the shortest distance or fastest time.

If you have a TomTom GPS you have to upload a specially-formatted OV2 file to TomTom, then download it. The software I use to convert my KML files to TomTom's .ov2 format is POI Converter by RJ Davies. While I thought my TomTom gave great directions, the amount of work it took to import sales to the device was a major turnoff, prompting me to get a new GPS device.

Other brands may have the ability to import data, but you'll have to check the manufacturer's websites for that.