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Garage Sales

These grassroots weekend events usually elicit a take ’em or leave ’em response.

If you are one of the “takers”, a huge opportunity just landed in front of you. Jump on your computer and go to garagesalefinder.com. It’s a unique Web site run by a veteran yard sale fanatic, Valerie Cudnik.

She’s had the site up for more than a year, but its new and powerful addition is its ability to print a map with Google turn-by-turn directions. “Just print it out, get in your car and go,” Cudnik said. “The feature is called ‘Add To My Route’, and it saves on time and gas to plot your route and have it with you.”

In addition to this new map-printing feature, the site has just gone nationwide. It was tested in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia during its first year and drew a consistent audience very quickly; making available all over the country was the next logical step.

Cudnik’s site started by mapping newspaper classified listings, but she is counting on the increased exposure to garner listings posted – free – by site visitors. The first week out, people from 5 different states added their listings (without any advertising on Cudnik's part). The sale listings are color-coded for several types: single family, multifamily, estate, group/charity and neighborhood-wide sales, enabling visitors to zero in on locations with more potential. People planning to have a garage sale can list their subdivision, sale dates and hours and a rundown of items available. In addition to printing paper maps, shoppers can also download a KML file each week, which can be imported into most popular GPS devices for the ultimate high-tech convenience.

The economic downturn has become a lingering recession, and that may be creating more sales, as cash-strapped Americans seek bargains and homeowners hold sales to raise funds. Cudnik, however, has been frugal for decades; it’s just that the power of the Internet keeps opening new horizons.

She’s deep into “couponing”, and makes regular, repeat visits to area supermarkets, walking away with $50 or more in food for less than $3. Early in April she held a frugal living seminar at a branch library near her home. She attended a clothing swap held by a friend, and she checks and uses other Web sites like Freecycle and Craigslist for deals and freebies. She’s made candles, soap, wine and beer. She’s worked as a cake decorator, graphic designer, wedding consultant, cooking instructor and housekeeper. She’s a tightwad entrepreneur.

So it’s no surprise that Cudnik is a proponent of old-school ways such as, “Waste not, want not,” and “Hard work never hurt anybody,” she's a real role model for the lean days we find ourselves in, and the green ways of reusing, replenishing and renewing our limited resources. Visit garagesalefinder.com and make saving money easier.

(thanks to my good friend Roni for writing this press release!)